Suspension Training? Sling Training? TRX? aeroSling? You'll find it all in my tests!

What is Suspension Training?

Suspension Training is a training method, which enhances the Bodyweight Exercises concept with the use of a training device (Suspension Trainer or Sling Trainer).  The original form of Suspension Training has been used for many years already in rehabilitation facilities.  The application of slings for this training purpose was pioneered in Scandinavia.  By creating the TRX Suspension Trainer, one of the first Suspension Trainers produced for the mass market, Fitness Anywhere, an American company, put Suspension Training (sometimes also called Sling Training) for the global fitness market on the map. 

Sling Training is so unique and effective because it especially makes use of the training device’s instability, thus not simply targeting the muscles but raising their functional performance.  From my personal point of view, it is therefore the ideal supplement to traditional weight training, while preparing for a contest, and to mass sports as well.  Besides, your Suspension Training workout is not tied to a certain place and it can easily be integrated into other leisure activities.  Does all of this seem a bit superficial?  Well, like always, there are a thousand opinions :) – therefore read my tests of the TRX and the aeroSling and learn even more about Sling Training possibilities.

Which Suspension Trainer works best for me?

For your Suspension Training there are various Suspension Trainers available, all of them were conceived for different training applications.  But they all have one thing in common – they allow you to train anywhere, anytime.  Meanwhile, a certain number of Sling Trainers entered the market and, of course, all of them claim that they are the best. But from the beginning of suspension training two trainers are ruling the market: on the one hand there is the TRX Suspension Trainer and on the other hand the aeroSling Sling Trainer

One is an American classic, a traditional Sling Trainer, premium-quality, and easy to handle.  The other, the aeroSling Sling Trainer, is a German alternative that not only allows you to perform classic Sling Training, it comes with some unique innovations.  


My Tests

I’ve tested both the TRX Suspension Trainer and the aeroSling over a 6 month period.

Reading the tests, you will get my honest opinion, the companies neither paid me, nor are the opinions, I’m advocating, meant in any way to incite you to buy a certain product.

At the end of each test you’ll find a price comparison table.  The links within the table are associated with an affiliate program, so if you decide to buy a product using those links, I will receive a small amount of money.  The resulting revenue covers my expenses for this website and I consider it a small token of your appreciation for my tests.  If you enjoyed reading my tests, I’m happy too :) .

About Me

My name is Patrick, I am 27 years old, from Munich (Germany), fitness junkie and actually on a round the world trip. I dicovered suspension training in my home gym and was instantly addicted. Since then my suspension trainer go along with me around the globe. On this page I am presenting my experience with them. Have fun!